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Ford Ousts Raj Nair Over 'Inappropriate Behaviour'

Declines to elaborate on What led to the departure of Raj Nair, President of company's north American operations since June

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Trump Orders Ban of Rifle 'Bump Stocks' After Florida Shooting

Move comes in the wake of the deadly shooting at a Florida School that killed 17 people

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Qualcomm Raises Offer for NXP, Elliott Banks New Bid

The move coms as Qualcomm itself is in the crosshairs of Broadcom

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Ex-Trump Adviser to Plead Guilty to Fraud Charges

Rick Gates' Plea expected in next few days in Washington : Report

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66 Feared Dead as Plane Crashes in Iran Mountains

The ATR - 72 twin - engine plane disappeared fro radar around 45 minutes after takeoff

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EU Tells Google, Twitter & FB to DO More for Users

Says the 3 cos have oly partially addressed concrens about their liability and how users were informed about content removal

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Trump's Passion for Tariffs Faces Stiff Headwinds From His Party

Washington : President Donald Trump's zeal for a new round of tariffs

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ANC Orderss Zuma to Step Down as S Africa President

Leading members of the African National Congress now want the party's new leader

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Mike Pence Says US Ready to Talk With North Korea in Policy Shift

US V - P and South korean president agree to pursue dialogue with North Korea

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N Korea Keeps Mumon Invite as Its Delegation Winds Up South Visit

The delegation led by the younger sister of kim Jong Un Concludes its visit, but still faces deep scepticism over Pyongyang's

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