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Question with Answer MCA

Question with Answer MCA

1. An I/O processor controls the flow of information between
(a) cache memory and I/O devices 
(b) main memory and I/O devices
(c) two I/O devices
(d) cache and main memories
Ans. b
2. Which of following devices will take highest time in taking the backup of the data from a computer?
(a) Magnetic disk
(b) Pen drive
(c) CD
(d) Magnetic tape
Ans. d
3. ROM is a kind of
(a) primary memory
(b) cache memory
(c) removable memory
(d) secondary memory
Ans. d
4. The errors that can be pointed out by compilers are
(a) syntax errors
(b) semantic errors
(c) logical errors
(d) internal errors
Ans. a
5. Let x = 11111010 and y = 00001010 be two 8-bit 2’s complement numbers. Their product in 2’s complement notation is
(a) 11000100
(b) 10011100
(c) 10100101
(d) 11010101
Ans. a
6. The range of numbers that can be stored in 8 bits, if negative numbers are stored in 2’s complement form is
(a) –128 to + 128
(b) –128 to + 127
(c) –127 to + 128
(d) –127 to + 127
Ans. b
7. Primary storage is ....... as compared to secondary memory.
(a) slow and expensive
(b) fast and inexpensive
(c) fast and expensive
(d) slow and inexpensive
Ans. c
8. Which of the following units is used to supervise each instruction in the CPU?
(a) Control unit
(b) Accumulator
(c) ALU
(d) Control Register
Ans. a
9. (2FAOC)16 is equivalent to
(a) (195 084)10
(b) (001011111010 00001100)2
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) None of the above
Ans. c
10. The decimal equivalent of octal number 111010 is
(a) 81
(b) 72
(c) 71
(d) 61
Ans. b

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