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Question With Answer English

Question With Answer English

1. Dramatic
(a) unprecedented
(b) thrilling
(c) spectacular
(d) effective
(e) feedable
Ans (c)
2. Shrink
(a) contract
(b) physician
(c) wither
(d) shrivel
(e) reduce
Ans (a)
3. Predominantly
(a) clearly
(b) aggressively
(c) mainly
(d) firstly
(e) faintly
Ans (c)
4. Massive
(a) tall
(b) tough
(c) total
(d) little
(e) severe
Ans (e)
5. Obligation
(a) lip sympathy
(b) true sympathy
(c) self pity
(d) conditional responsibility
(e) moral binding
Ans (e)
6. Squander
(a) use economically
(b) spend wastefully
(c) siphon judiciously
(d) donate generously
(e) donate with ulterior motive
Ans (b)
7. Modest
(a) humble
(b) sufficient
(c) meagre
(d) sober
(e) unpretentious
Ans (a)
8. Garrulous
(a) loquacious
(b) talkative
(c) quite
(d) weary
Ans (c)
9. Hypocritical
(a) gentle
(b) sincere 
(c) amiable
(d) dependable
Ans (b)
10. Poach
(a) catch
(b) hunt
(c) preach
(d) plunder
Ans (b)
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