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Question With Answer Chemistry

Question With Answer Chemistry

Q.1: Among the elements Ca, Mg, P and Cl, the order of increasing atomic radii isMg   

A:  Mg < Ca < Cl < P 
B:  Cl < P < Mg < Ca    
C:  P < Cl < Ca < Mg 
D:  Ca < Mg < P < Cl    
Correct Answer: B 

Q.2: The pressure exerted by 6.0 g of methane gas in a 0.03 m3 vessel at 129° C is (Atomic masses : C = 12.01, H = 1.01 and R –8.314 JK–1 mol–1)   

A:  215216 Pa 
B:  13409 Pa    
C:  41648 Pa 
D:  31684 Pa    
Correct Answer: C 

Q.3: Among the following four compounds 

A. Phenol 
B. Methyl pheno
C. meta-nitrophenol 
D. para nitrophenol 
the acidity order is  
A:  D > C > A > B 
B:  D > C > A > B    
C:  A > D > C > B 
D:  B > A > C > D    
Correct Answer: A 

Q.4: Among the following which one has the highest cation to anion size ratio?  
A:  Csl 
B:  CsF    
C:  LiF 
D:  NaF    
Correct Answer: B 

Q.5: Three moles of an ideal gas expanded spontaneously into vacuum. The work done will be  
A:  Infinite 
B:  3 J    
C:  9 J 
D:  Zero    
Correct Answer: D 

Q.6:  Consider the following relations for emf of a electrochemical cell
(A) Emf of cell = (oxidation potential of anode) – (reduction potential of cathode)
(B) Emf of cell = (oxidationpotential of anode) + (reduction potential of cathode)
(C) Emf of cell = (reduction potential of anode) + (reduction potential of cathode)
(D) Emf of cell = (oxidation potential anode) –(Oxidation potential of cathode)
Which of the above relations are correct?  
A:  (C) and (A) 
B:  (A) and (B)    
C:  (C) and (D) 
D:  (B) and (D)    
Correct Answer: D 

Q.7:  Match List I (substances) with List II (processe employe in the manufacture of the substances) and select the correct option. List I List II (Substances) (Processes)
A.Sulphuric acid 1. Haber’s process
B.Steel 2. Bessemer’s process
C.Sodium 3. Leblanc process hydroxide 
D.Ammonia 4. Contact process  
A:  1 4 2 3 
B:  1 2 3 4    
C:  4 3 2 1 
D:  4 2 3 1    
Correct Answer: D 

Q.8: When glycerol is treated with excess of HI, it produces  
A: 2-iodopropane 
B: allyl iodide    
C: propene 
D: glycerol triiodide    
Correct Answer: A 

Q.9: Some statements about heavy water are given below
(A) Heavy water is used as moderator in nuclear reactors.
(B) Heavy water is more associated than ordinary water.
(C) Heavy water is more effective solvent than ordinary water.
Which of the above statements are correct?  
A:  A and B 
B:  A, B and C    
C:  B and C 
D:  A and C    
Correct Answer: A 

Q.10: Which of the following oxidation states is the most common among the lanthanoids?  
A:  4 
B:  2    
C:  5 
D:  3    
Correct Answer: D 
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