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Question With Answer Biology

 Question With Answer Biology

Q.1 : Which one of the following pairs of structures is correctly matched with their correct description?  
A : Structure Description Tibia and fibula Both form parts of knee joint
B : Cartilage and cornea No blood supply but do require oxygen for respiratory need
C : Shoulder joint and elbow joint Ball and socket type of joint
D : Premolars and molars 20 in all and 3 rooted    
Correct Answer : B 
Q.2 : Fastest distribution of some injectible material/medicine and with no risk of any kind can be achieved by injecting it into the   
A : muscles
B : arteries     
C : veins 
D : lymph vessels    
Correct Answer : C 
Q.3 : Which one of the following statements about the particular entity is true?  
A : Centromere is found in animal cells which produces aster during cell division 
B : The gene for producing insulin is present in every body cell    
C : Nucleosome is formed of nucleotides 
D : DNA consists of a core of eight histones    
Correct Answer : B 
Q.4 : Which one of the following is a xerophytic plant in which the stem is modified into the flat green and succulent structure?
A : Opuntia 
B : Casuarina    
C : Hydrilla 
D : Acacia    

Correct Answer : A 
Q.5 : Which of the following is used in gene cloning?  
A : Nucleoids 
B : Lomasomes    
C : Mesosomes 
D : Plasmids    
Correct Answer : D 
Q.6 : When domestic sewage mixes with river water  
A : small animals like rats will die after drinking river water 
B : the increased microbial activity releases micronutrients such as iron    
C : the increased microbial activity uses up dissolved oxygen 
D : the river water is still suitable for drinking as impurities are only about 0.1%    
Correct Answer : C 
Q.7 : In which one of the following organism, its excretory organs are correctly stated?  
A : Humans — Kidneys, sebaceous glands and tear glands 
B : Earthworm — Pharyngeal, integumentary and septal nephridia    
C : Cockroach — Malpighian tubules and enteric caeca 
D : Frog — Kidneys, skin and buccal epithelium    
Correct Answer : B 
Q.8 : The most apparent change during the evolutionary history of Homo sapiens is traced in  
A : loss of body hair 
B : walking upright    
C : shortening of the jaws 
D : remarkable increase in the brain size    
Correct Answer : D 
Q.9 : Which one of the following is now commercially produced by biotechnolo procedures?  
A : Nicotine 
B : Morphine    
C : Quinine 
D : Insulin    
Correct Answer : D 
Q.10 : If for some reason the parietal cells of the gut epithelium become partially non-functional, what is likely to happen?  
A : The pancreatic enzymes and specially the trypsin and lipase will not work efficiently 
B : The pH of stomach will fall abruptly    
C : Steapsin will be more effective 
D : Proteins will not be adequately hydrolysed by pepsin into proteoses and peptones    
Correct Answer : D
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