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Question Paper All India NEET PG

Question Paper All India NEET PG

1. Pepper pot appearance of skull is seen in-
(a) Multiple myeloma
(b) Hyperparathyroidism
(c) Sickle cell anemia
(d) Fibrous dysplasis 
Answer: (b)
2. On barium swallow Leiomyoma show following characteristic appearance-
(a)Rat tail appearance
(b) Cork screw appearance
(c) Oval mass lined by barium
(d) String sign 
Answer: (c)
3. Ring on fire on USG signifies-
(a) H. mole
(b) Ectopic pregnancy
(c) PCOD
(d) Aneuploidy 
Answer: (b)
4. Best X-ray to diagnose intraperitoneal air is?
(a) Supine film of abdomen
(b) Erect film of chest
(c) Erect film of abdomen
(d) Lt lateral decubitus 
Answer: (b)

5. Gold standard investigation for pulmonary embolism is?
(a) CT scan
(b) Pulmonary angiography
(c) MRI
(d) X-ray chest 
Answer: (b)
6. Nuchal translucency is useful in?
(a) Determination of fetal age
(b) Determination of fetal malfunctions
(c) Determination of fetal size
(d) Determination of location of placenta 
Answer: (b)
7. Most accurate estimation of gestational age on USG is done by?
(a) Head circumference
(b) Abdominal circumference
(c) Biparietal diameter
(d) Crown rump length 
Answer: (d)

8. Nuchal translucency is best measured at-
(a) 8-10 weeks
(b) 11-13 weeks
(c) 15-17 weeks
(d) 18-20 weeks 
Answer: (b)
9. Which of the following does not form right border of heart in the X-ray?
(a) Pulmonary trunk
(b) Superior vena cava
(c) Right atrium
(d) Inferior vena cava 
Answer: (a)
10. Which of the following is not an X-ray finding of pulmonary embolism-
(a) Westermark sign
(b) Palla sign
(c) Felson sign
(d) Panda sign 
Answer: (d)

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