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Important Paper Olympiad Science (Mock Test)

Important Paper Olympiad Science (Mock Test)

1. Which statement is incorrect on biomass ?
(A) it is a plant residue
(B)it is used to produce biogas
(C) it is a renewable source of energy
(D) it is used to produce liquid petroleum gas
Ans (d )

2.When the temperature of a pure metallic conductor is increased then what happens to its resistance ?
(A) it decreases
(B) it increases
(C) it may increase or decrease
(D) it remains the same
Ans ( b)

3. Which of the following is a strong base ?
(A) Ammonium hydroxide
(B) Sodium hydroxide
(C) Magnesium hydroxide
(D) Copper hydroxide
Ans (b )

4. Which of he ;following is an example of a reflex action ?
(A) A knee-jerk
(B) Blinking of an eye
(C) pumping of blood by the heart
(D) both (a) and (B)
Ans ( d)

5. Which metal expands on solidification ?
(A) Type metal
(B) Gun metal
(C) Fuse metal
(D) Bell metal
Ans (a )

6. Atomic size increases in a group due to the
(A) addition of more electrons
(B) decrease in number  of protons
(C) addition of an extra shell
(D) none of these
Ans ( c )

7. What is a natural optical instrument ?
(A)A magnifying glass
(B) An eye
(C) A plane mirror
(D) A plane mirror
Ans ( b)

8. What is the shape of the check dams ?
(A) circle
(B) Crescent
(C) Square
(D) Rectangle
Ans ( b)

9. Which bulb has the lowest resistance ?
(A) 25W
Ans ( c

10. Which ion is commonly found in an acid and a base
(A) H+
(D) both (A) and (b)
Ans (d )

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