RPSC PTI Exam Free Online Test Series

Take Free Mock Test with Online Test Series for RPSC PTI Exam and other 2019 Govt. Exams. Free Online test will help to score high marks in your RPSC PTI Exam.
Sr. Paper Name Action
1. RPSC PTI Exam PAPER - I English
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2. RPSC PTI Exam PAPER - II (English)
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Available Packages

RPSC PTI Exam Online Test Package

Buy RPSC PTI Exam 2019 Practice Mock Test for Complete Practice & Preparation at a discount Price. This Online Tests Series helps you to score your target.
Sr. Package Name Amount
1. RPSC PTI Exam PAPER - I (English)
Description : 15 Paper, 100 Question (Each Paper)
121.00 [450.00]
2. RPSC PTI Exam PAPER - II (English)
Description : 15 Paper, 130 Question (Each Paper)
121.00 [450.00]

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